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MJ Panel Mod: kassrachel and sanj

- What are the essential qualities of BtVS as a show?

- What are the essential qualities of Buffy, the character?

- What are the essential qualities of VM as a show?

- What are the essential qualities of Veronica Mars as a character?

- What do we mean when we say each show has essential qualities?

- In what ways does VM build on BtVS, respond to BtVS, or replicate BtVS?

- Do characters map from one show to another? Themes? Tropes?

- In what ways does VM explicitly *not* build on BtVS, or go in a
different direction?

- Is VM somehow an essentially post-Buffy show? Could VM have existed
without Buffy?

- Has VM changed the way we look at Buffy, after the fact?

- What chances does VM have to succeed as well as Buffy as it
(hopefully) goes forward?

- Why isn't VM the gargantuan fandom that Buffy was? Is it just the SF
elements, or is it that Buffy was first, or something else?

- What other sources does VM draw on (Alias, film noir, 90210, etc?)

- What other current shows acknowledge Buffy in their family tree
(SPN, Smallville, etc.)? Does Joss Whedon having said that VM is
Buffy's successor make that lineage more official?

- Cage match: Keith v. Giles. ;) (And why Giles rather than Joyce?)
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