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Fiction (by fandom)

Angel the Series

[ profile] secondalto: Never Enough Angel the Series, Angel, time (gen) PG-13

due South

[ profile] aingeal8c: Graduation, due South, Vecchio, uniform, G
[ profile] aingeal8c: Interlude, due South, Fraser/Vecchio, dark, PG
[ profile] aingeal8c: Together, due South, Fraser/Vecchio, belonging, G

Green Wing

[ profile] leiascully: These Days, Green Wing, Guy(/Caro), now, G
[ profile] catwalksalone: Twisting In The Wind, Green Wing, Guy/Mac, proof, 15 (language)
[ profile] quiesce: Final Wager, Green Wing, Guy/Mac, jelly, PG
[ profile] leiascully: Anecdotal, Green Wing, Caro(/Guy), wonky,
[ profile] leiascully: Perpetuity, Green Wing, Mac(/Caro/Guy), then, PG

Good Omens

[ profile] etcetera_cat: Morning Has Broken Good Omens - Crowley/Aziraphale, first light, G

Last 5 Years

[ profile] enterincolor: Direction, Last 5 Years, Elise/Jamie (sorta), love, PG


[ profile] enterincolor: The Rules, Rent, Alison, how to be a Grey, G
[ profile] enterincolor: Crazygirl, Rent, April, shadow, PG (warning for insanity)


[ profile] buzzylittleb: Dreams of Destruction and Ice Cream Sandman, Dream/Death, ice cream, gen, G

Sports Night

[ profile] catwalksalone: Stormy Weather, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, rain, PG
[ profile] catwalksalone: James Dean, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, rock and roll, PG
[ profile] catwalksalone: Sincerely Yours, Dan/Casey, letters, PG
[ profile] quiesce: Unspoken, Sports Night, Dan/Casey/Dana, as long as, R

Art (by fandom)

None submitted

Vids (by fandom)

[ profile] voiceless009: Things I'll Never Say, Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, unsaid, PG-ish

Don't forget to give these FABULOUSLY creative people feedback! And if you liked what you saw, please feel free to come and play with us!
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Hi there! [ profile] sansets has gone to bed and entrusted me with the prompathon round up for day three!

Fiction by fandom

Battlestar Galactica

[ profile] lyssie: Untitled, BSG, Dee, arms

due South

[ profile] cerriddwen: On Guard, due South, Diefenbaker, undercover, G.
[ profile] cerriddwen: Journal, due South, Fraser, unwritten, G.
[ profile] cerriddwen: 6:30 am, due South, Kowalski, routine, G.
[ profile] kill_claudio: Frozen, due South, Victoria, 'Fire', G.


[ profile] enterincolour: To The Right, Firefly, Mal/River, dark and bright, G.
[ profile] cerriddwen: Nova;novel, Firefly, Kaylee/River, heavens, PG.
[ profile] cerriddwen: Galut, Firefly, Mal/Sheppard Book, Psalm 137, G.

Gilmore Girls

[ profile] cerriddwen: Logic, Gilmore Girls, Paris/Rory, class

Green Wing

[ profile] catwalksalone: Askew, Green Wing, Caroline, wonky, G.


[ profile] quiesce: Downtime, M*A*S*H, Hawkeye/BJ, still, G.

Sports Night

[ profile] quiesce: Good Things Come, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, cab, R.
[ profile] quiesce: Double Back, Sports Night, Sam, return, G.
[ profile] quiesce: Countdown, Sports Night, Sam R., return, G.

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] cerriddwen: Atlantean Morning Tea, Stargate: Atlantis, Teyla, tea, G

Stargate: SG-1

[ profile] lyssie: Bar Scene, SG-1 Sam/Vala, Possession, PG13.

Studio 60

[ profile] enterincolour: Applaud, My Friends, the Comedy is Finished, Studio 60, Matt-Danny, hours, PG

The Black Donnellys

[ profile] roz_mcclure: Diner Opening, The Black Donnellys, Tommy/Jenny, morning. NC-17.

X-men (comic-verse)

[ profile] buzzylittleb: Untitled, X-men (comic-verse) Rogue/Wolverine, tease, G.

Art by fandom

[ profile] zellieh: Untitled, Stargate Atlantis, Teyla & John, Stickfighting. PG.


None submitted.

Seriously, you are all AWESOME, AWESOME people. And, if you liked what you saw, feed the authors and come and play with us yourself! You know you want to!
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Day Two has us picking up the pace by more than a little bit! There were NINETEEN awesome pieces created today by 8 different artists and writers! *twirls them all around* And I just know that tomorrow is going to have even MORE awesome pieces! Don't forget to tell the creators that you liked their work!

Fiction (by fandom)


[ profile] starletfallen: Honest Living, Rent, Squeegeeman, honest living, PG
[ profile] starletfallen: Valentine's Day, Rent, Roger/April, paper hearts, PG
[ profile] starletfallen: Through the Glass, Rent, April, watching, G
[ profile] starletfallen: Enough, Rent, Alison/Mark, hold, G
[ profile] enterincolor: Shalom, Rent, Mark-Roger, shalom, G
[ profile] enterincolor: The Truth About Bohemia, Rent, Alison/Mark, bohemia, G
[ profile] enterincolor: Considering, Rent, Alison/Mark, hold, PG

Sports Night

[ profile] quiesce: Lesson Learnt, Sports Night, Dan/Dana, look but don't touch, G
[ profile] quiesce: A Sure Thing, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, inevitable, R
[ profile] quiesce: If at First (or Second or Third), Sports Night, Dan/Casey, persevere, G

Stargate SG-1

[ profile] ana_grrl: Dissolution, Stargate SG-1, Cameron/Teal'c, earth, PG

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

[ profile] enterincolor: Do The Wrong Thing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Danny/Suzanne, hero worship, PG


[ profile] etcetera_cat: Stopwatch - Torchwood, Jack, loss - G


[ profile] talk_back: Say - Xmen, Rogue/Wolverine, tease - PG13

Art (by fandom)


[ profile] thefannishwaldo: Icon, Heroes, Hiro/Ando, friendship, G
[ profile] thefannishwaldo: Icon, Heroes, Mohinder, searching, G
[ profile] thefannishwaldo: Icon, Heroes, Hiro, timely, G


[ profile] wh1ps_scums: Sweet Hereafter, OZ- Beecher/Keller- "Sweet Hereafter" PG
[ profile] wh1ps_scums: Broken, OZ- Beecher/Keller- "Broken" PG


none submitted

And if you liked what you saw, come and play with us! We don't bite, I PROMISE! :o)
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Day One started a bit slow, but I have EVERY confidence that tomorrow the pace will pick up. After all, it takes TIME to create heartbreaking works of staggering genius! And the 5 pieces that were created today were WONDERFUL. Don't forget to tell the creators that you liked their work!

Fic (by fandom)

due South

Christmas, 1968, due South, Fraser, light, G by [ profile] sprat


Of Childhood Illnesses and Bad Grammar, Rent, Mark and Roger, connect the dots, PG by [ profile] enterincolor

Simple Rules, Rent, Alison, how to be a Grey, G by [ profile] starletfallen

Pray to God He Hears You, Rent, Mark, how to save a life, Mark-Roger in the end, PG by [ profile] quinby

Art (by fandom)

Nightwing Entangled, DC Comics, Ivy/anyone, sex pollen, PG by [ profile] leyna55


none submitted

And if you liked what you saw, come and play with us! We don't bite, I PROMISE! :o)
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To join the battle, all you need to do is pick a prompt from below (any prompt, even if it's your own) and write/vid/manip/icon/draw/whatever the most creative bit of whatever you can create! And remember - PLEASE feel free to vid or icon or manip or do something non-written. We love ALL kinds of creative output equally!

When you've written/painted/made it, paste it into the comments here. Once you've done that, you can post it wherever else you want.

You may enter as many times as you like, so long as each entry is completely separate (not a series of linked pieces). Also, please do not link to old work - this should be something new, produced for the challenge, based on one of the prompts.


1. It must fit in one comment, so the limit is 4,300 characters (there's no minimum limit). It can be part of a longer piece that you may post elsewhere, as long as it's something new and based on one of the prompts, but all we want here is the part that you are most proud of. If you make art, if it's larger than 350 px wide, please use a thumbnail linking directly to the piece (directly to the artwork, not a post or site). The thumbnail can be up to 350 px wide, and 300 px high, and should include as much of the art as possible. If it is a vidlet or something else requiring dowloading, like a fanmix, please post the link to where we can download. Feel free to post a teaser image, but please confine yourself to the artwork preview rules.

2. Important! Please use the subject line of your comment to identify the snippet, like so: Title, prompt, rating (i.e. Fandom, Pairing, prompt word, rating system of your choice). For example, I might write: "Staying Awake, One Tree Hill, Lucas/Nathan, rain, R", or "The Sun Has Gone Down, Crossover, Torchwood/Stargate Atlantis, Jack/John, under fire, for all ages".

3. You have one week – the post will close for new entries next Sunday, April 1, at midnight eastern standard time. PLEASE be certain to check the World Time Clock to verify the deadline time in your area.

4. Don't forget that these prompts are only written as character one/character two for convience, NOT because of any requirement to make it a relationship story! Gen and friend are very welcome here. They can be interpreted in ANY WAY, so just imagine the FUN possiblities. You can take one prompt and write it, draw it, icon it, fanmix it, AND vid it. (Although if you have the time to do all of that in the week that these prompts are open, I might just have to kill myself out of jealousy :o) And you can use the characters in a different way each time. Don't be afraid to think outside the box!

5. Please don't post anything but your creations or feedback/feedback replies (to individual stories) here. If you've got any questions or comments, please leave them on this post right here, NOT on this post that you are currently reading. We'd like to keep this purely for the creative output (and feedback on the creations - readers/voyeurs, please do show the writers/artists much love for their creative offerings).

The prompts are right here
Thanks SO much to [ profile] sageness for coding and lending hosting space on her site!

The prompts using only one character were listed first, followed by the prompts for more than one character. ALL crossovers are under both fandoms, so you don't need to worry about looking in multiple places for your crossovers - those listed under Smallville are the same listed under Supernatural, if you are looking for prompts for a Smallville/Supernatural crossover.

Finally! Warning: ALL ratings are acceptable here, from the things that you would show your aged grandmother, all the way up to to the things that would make a sailor blush. Use your own discretion, and please label your stories, art, and other creative output accordingly.

Thank you kindly!

rules stolen from [ profile] oxoniensis and her AMAZING porn battle


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