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Here's the schedule for the screening chat - the help sheet is here, and don't forget to join the community if you haven't already! Massive thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sageness for putting this together.

CHICAGO LONDON NEW ZEALAND www.timeanddate.com
6pm - FRI 12 midnight 11am - SAT chatroom opens
7pm 1am - SAT 12 noon DW 301 - Smith and Jones
8pm 2am 1pm DW 302 - The Shakespeare Code
9pm 3am 2pm DW 310 - Blink
10pm 4am 3pm DW 311 - Utopia
11pm 5am 4pm DW 312 - The Sound of Drums
12 midnight 6am 5pm BSG miniseries
1am - SAT 7am 6pm "
2am 8am 7pm "
3am 9am 8pm BSG 108 - Flesh and Bone
4am 10am 9pm BSG 317 - Maelstrom
5am 11am 10pm ReGenesis 101 - Baby Bomb (pilot pt.1)
6am 12 noon 11pm ReGenesis 102 - Spare Parts (pilot pt.2)
7am 1pm 12 midnight ReGenesis 104 - The Oldest Virus
8am 2pm 1am - SUN ReGenesis 105 - Prions
9am 3pm 2am ReGenesis 112 - Resurrection
10am 4pm 3am SGA 314 - The Tao of Rodney
11am 5pm 4am TC 101 - I Slept with My Mother & TC 103 - I Look Like Joyce DeWitt
12 noon 6pm 5am TC 104 - Killed By Cat Food & TC 202 - Shinto Death Cults
1pm 7pm 6am TC 205 - The Planet of the Cats & TC 206 - The Life of Reilly
2pm 8pm 7am MLAAD 4 & 6
3pm 9pm 8am MLAAD 10 & 12
4pm 10pm 9am MLAAD 20 & 22
5pm 11pm 10am DS - Some Like It Red
6pm 12 midnight 11am DS - All the Queen's Horses
7pm 1am - SUN 12 noon DS - Burning Down the House
8pm 2am 1pm - SUN DS - Eclipse
9pm 3am 2pm DS - Mountie on the Bounty pt 1
10pm 4am 3pm DS - Mountie on the Bounty pt 2
11pm 5am 4pm DS - Asylum
12 midnight 6am 5pm DS - Dr. Longball
1am - SUN 7am 6pm DS - Call of the Wild pt 1
2am 8am 7pm DS - Call of the Wild pt 2
3am 9am 8pm Buried on Sunday
4am 10am 9pm "
5am 11am 10pm Hard Core Logo (no commentary)
6am 12 noon 11pm "
7am 1pm 12 midnight Wilby Wonderful
8am 2pm 1am - MON "
9am 3pm 2am H2O
10am 4pm 3am "
11am 5pm 4am "
12:30pm 6.30pm 5.30am Getting Married in Buffalo Jump
1.30pm 7.30pm 6.30am "
2.30pm 8.30pm 7.30am Doctor Who 312 repeat
3.30pm 9.30pm 8.30am Doctor Who 313!!!
4.30pm 10.30pm 9.30am anything you like
5.30pm 11.30pm 10.30am "
6.30pm 12.30am MON 11.30am "
7.30pm 1.30am 12.30pm "
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