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The Mystery of Rodney McKay: Why Do We Love a Character Who's Entirely Obnoxious?
By [ profile] muskratjamboree panel moderators: [ profile] bluebrocade, [ profile] reginagiraffe, [ profile] kanzenhanzai, and [ profile] visionshadows.

Rodney Mckay is definitely not a traditional hero. He can be quite obnoxious, not to mention impatient, rude, arrogant, and condescending. So, why is the character so popular? Let's explore the mystery of Rodney McKay...

1.) Is Rodney, in fact, obnoxious or is he just incredibly socially awkward? Is he misunderstood or is he just plain mean? Does he mean to be mean? Does anyone actually think he's a pretty nice guy?

2.) Why is he they way he is? Do we get any hints as to how/why he developed this obnoxious personality?

3.) We love him anyway, right? Why? What redeems him? Is he a classic example of an antihero?

4.) Rodney's fun to watch, but would you want to work with him? For him? Why or why not?

5.) What are your favorite Rodney moments? When he's being incredibly obnoxious, or adorably socially awkward or actually *nice*? Specific examples?

6.) Has he changed as a result Trinity, where he, in a sense, got his comeuppance?

7.) Many of us ship Rodney with someone. Imagine actually dating or being married to him. Is your reaction "Yes, please!" or "Oh, GAWD no!"? Why?

8.) Would Rodney's "challenging" personality be quite so charming if any but David Hewlett was portraying him?



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