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*twirls you all around* Thank you SO much to everyone who came to play with us this weekend - it is because of you wonderful people that [ profile] rat_jam was such a large success! Just a reminder that when you are posting feedback to the creations from our promptathon make certain you are replying to the proper thread, NOT the post! I've noticed a lot of feedbacks that were put on the main post itself, and the creators can not see your lovely words there!

Fiction (by fandom)

due South

[ profile] sprat: Sliver, due South, Fraser/Kowalski, unsaid

[ profile] keerawa: Unwritten Rules, due South, Fraser, unwritten, PG-13

Green Wing

[ profile] leiascully: Some Kind of Compromise, Green Wing, Mac/Guy, jelly, 15

[ profile] leiascully: Better Than Wine, Green Wing, Mac/Guy/Caro, value, R

[ profile] leiascully: Evidence of Things Unseen, Green Wing, Mac/Guy, proof, R


[ profile] sheepfairy: #1 Crush, Heroes, Hiro/Ando (unrequited), Secret, G


[ profile] out_there: Set in Stone, House M.D., House/Wilson, apology

Life on Mars

[ profile] lozenger8: Are You In or Out?, Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, bisexuality, NC-17


[ profile] starletfallen: Move On, Rent, April/Gordon, regret, PG

Wilby Wonderful

[ profile] malnpudl: Circle Jerk, Wilby Wonderful, Duck/Buddy, circle jerk, NC-17 (warning: underage)

Art (by fandom)

Dr. Who

[ profile] bipagan: Hourglass Glued to the Table, Dr. Who, Madame Pompadour, clockwork , for all ages

Vids (by fandom)

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] sapote3: Bittersweet, Stargate Atlantis, Jeannie, PG

Don't forget that we close for business in 24 hours!! Please come and submit things so that we can finish with a bang!

I want my last round up post to be our largest one EVER! \0/


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