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Unless there are any objections I'll start the import in the next few days. After that if there is anything you posted that you would prefer not to be on DW, please contact me and I'll delete it for you.



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due to me finding out that [ profile] ds_match has been deleted and purged due to inactivity, I'm just posting this so this comm appears active and will be left alone.

Going to do this to a couple, so sorry if spam.

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Here's the schedule for the screening chat - the help sheet is here, and don't forget to join the community if you haven't already! Massive thanks to [ profile] sageness for putting this together.

viewing schedule here! )
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The festivities will kick off in a little over three hours. Remember, everyone is invited, and you are welcome to come and go throughout the weekend as you have time to! YAY PARTY!! \o/

Please click this link for how to get into the chat!

Hopefully, this is the final version of the schedule, but if I find more errors I'll do some last minute editing. *g*

NEW & IMPROVED viewing schedule here! )
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Canada Day Viewing Party Vital Info

Canada Day Weekend PanFandom Viewing Party Help Sheet

This will let you know how to get into the chat room, how the viewing party will work, etc.

The schedule will be going live in a few hours. Thanks to [ profile] the_antichris for double-checking times & formatting help! :D
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Propmtathon Round Up - Day Seven!

Here it is - the last and final round up post. The masterlist will be posted sometime this weekend, and don't forget to feedback everyone whose hard work you enjoyed!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

[ profile] allfireburns: Wish and Want, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Willow, goodnight, G

[ profile] allfireburns: Power Play, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles/Ethan, power, PG-13

DC Comics

[ profile] ilyena_sylph: Promise, DC, Tim/Kon, dream, G

due South

[ profile] kinetikatrue: Ceasefire, Facilitated By Chicken Soup - dS - Fraser, Kowalski (asleep)


[ profile] allfireburns: Historical Footnotes, Firefly, Mal, history, G

[ profile] allfireburns: Dream in Color, Firefly, River, dreams, PG

[ profile] quiesce: Furrowed, Firefly, River/Simon, lines, G

[ profile] allfireburns: Outmatched, Firefly, River/Saffron, read your mind, PG

[ profile] allfireburns: Belonging, Firefly, River/Saffron, belong to me, PG-13


[ profile] allfireburns: Stages of Love (Pt 1) (Pt 2) (Pt 3) (Pt 4) (Pt 5) (Pt 6), Rent, April/Mark, G - PG-13

[ profile] allfireburns: Portrait of a Junkie, Rent, Roger, portrait, PG-13

[ profile] allfireburns: Two Goodbyes, Rent, April/Paul, leaving, G

[ profile] allfireburns: Dance With Me, Rent, April/Maureen, pirouette, PG

[ profile] allfireburns: How to Be a Grey, Rent, Alison, how to be a Grey, PG

[ profile] starletfallen: Hollow, Rent, Mark/Roger, protect me from what I want, PG

[ profile] starletfallen: On the Appropriate Uses of Sarcasm, Rent, April/Roger, cage, PG

[ profile] starletfallen: Incomplete, Rent, Roger, portrait, PG

[ profile] allfireburns: Sleeping With The Devil, Rent, Roger/the Man, demons, PG

[ profile] starletfallen: Alone, Rent, Mark/Collins, can't breathe, G

[ profile] allfireburns: Only This, Rent, Paul/Roger, I can help, G


[ profile] malnpudl: All the World's a Stage, RPF, Paul Gross/Martha Burns(/CKR), audience, NC-17

Sports Night

[ profile] catwalksalone: Trudging Slowly Over Wet Sand, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, gone, 15

[ profile] quiesce: Tacit Promises, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, promise, G

[ profile] catwalksalone: Vinegar and Brown Paper, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, tumbling after, PG-13

[ profile] quiesce: Start Spreading the News, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, New York, G

[ profile] starletfallen: Shoe Fetish, Sports Night, Dana/Natalie, shoes, PG

[ profile] allfireburns: A Leap Begins, Sports Night, Dan/Natalie, here goes, G

[ profile] allfireburns: So This Is Love, Sports Night, Dan/Natalie, dizzy, G

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

[ profile] allfireburns: Step by Step, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Danny/Suzanne, Dance, PG

[ profile] allfireburns: Fjords, Norway and the English Language, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Matt/Danny, fjord, G

[ profile] starletfallen: Approval, Studio 60, Matt/Suzanne, feedback, G

[ profile] allfireburns: Power Structure, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Matt/Suzanne, urgent, G

Stargate SG-1

[ profile] xfirefly9x: Forever Haunted, Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, haunted, PG

Twitch City

[ profile] quiesce: Back to Basics, Twitch City, Curtis/Newbie, shootout, R


[ profile] keerawa: Comsets and Conspiracies, Vorkosigan, Miles-Gregor, hiding

Wilby Wonderful

[ profile] quiesce: Lazy Sunday, Wilby Wonderful, Duck/Dan, threadbare, G

*twirls each and every one of you around in large circles* Thank you SO much for playing! Don't forget that it is NEVER too late to leave feedback, and if you do, REPLY TO THE THREAD, NOT THE ORIGINAL POST! I was looking around the post, and there were a few more repiles posted there, rather than to the thread. So if you've posted any feedback on these wonderful creations, please check and make certain that it got to its intended recpient. Thank you kindly!
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Promptathon CLOSED!

Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in our wonderful promptathon! *gives you all a standing ovation* I will have the round up post for today coming shortly, and the stats, and a round up post of the entire promptathon itself will be up in the next few days. And thank you also to everyone who participated in our humble jam, be it via meta, chatting, creating, or simply leaving kind words of feedback. We couldn't have done it without you!
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Promptathon Round Up - Day Six!!

*twirls you all around* Thank you SO much to everyone who came to play with us this weekend - it is because of you wonderful people that [ profile] rat_jam was such a large success! Just a reminder that when you are posting feedback to the creations from our promptathon make certain you are replying to the proper thread, NOT the post! I've noticed a lot of feedbacks that were put on the main post itself, and the creators can not see your lovely words there!

Fiction (by fandom)

due South

[ profile] sprat: Sliver, due South, Fraser/Kowalski, unsaid

[ profile] keerawa: Unwritten Rules, due South, Fraser, unwritten, PG-13

Green Wing

[ profile] leiascully: Some Kind of Compromise, Green Wing, Mac/Guy, jelly, 15

[ profile] leiascully: Better Than Wine, Green Wing, Mac/Guy/Caro, value, R

[ profile] leiascully: Evidence of Things Unseen, Green Wing, Mac/Guy, proof, R


[ profile] sheepfairy: #1 Crush, Heroes, Hiro/Ando (unrequited), Secret, G


[ profile] out_there: Set in Stone, House M.D., House/Wilson, apology

Life on Mars

[ profile] lozenger8: Are You In or Out?, Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, bisexuality, NC-17


[ profile] starletfallen: Move On, Rent, April/Gordon, regret, PG

Wilby Wonderful

[ profile] malnpudl: Circle Jerk, Wilby Wonderful, Duck/Buddy, circle jerk, NC-17 (warning: underage)

Art (by fandom)

Dr. Who

[ profile] bipagan: Hourglass Glued to the Table, Dr. Who, Madame Pompadour, clockwork , for all ages

Vids (by fandom)

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] sapote3: Bittersweet, Stargate Atlantis, Jeannie, PG

Don't forget that we close for business in 24 hours!! Please come and submit things so that we can finish with a bang!

I want my last round up post to be our largest one EVER! \0/


Hi guys!

Well, our screening schedule is done, and thanks to everyone who made it a success, but it's not over yet. Still plenty of time to write for the promptathon and please, don't forget to read and comment on the meta (collection post here) - the comm will remain live after the weekend, so keep tracking your favourite discussions.

In the meantime, it's been a pleasure!
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Meta: Masculinities in "Firefly"

Panel Author: [ profile] executrix

Firefly Masculinities


Masculinities in 'Firefly' )
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Promptathon Deadline EXTENDED!

OK! So here is the deal guys. Not that I haven't had a BLAST chatting today, but we only had TWO people play in the promptathon today! *pretends to glare* What gives?! So in exchange for more people playing, I am extending the deadline a full 24 hours. So instead of your LOVELY creations being due tomorrow at midnight, they are now due April 2 at Midnight (when Monday turns into Tuesday! :o) EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME. So please! COME AND PLAY WITH US!! :o)
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Meta: SGA Codes Of Conduct (who can have sex with whom in Atlantis)

Moderated by [ profile] sageness


(Spoiler warning: contains spoilers through the end of SGA season 3.) )
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Meta: Turning Up the Heat: maintaining sexual tension in fic

MJ Panel Mod: mmmchelle

Discussion space - the floor is yours.
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OTmore-than-twos: What do you do with all those legs and why do we even want them?

OTmore-than-twos: What do you do with all those legs and why do we even want them there?

MJ Panel Mod: strangecobwebs

Discussion space - the floor is yours.
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Meta: Everyone At NCIS Is Sleeping With Everyone Else: Discuss

MJ Panel Mod: Kageygirl

Discussion space - the floor is yours.
Entry tags:

Meta: Veronica Mars: Buffy 2.0?

MJ Panel Mod: kassrachel and sanj

Veronica Mars: Buffy 2.0? )
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Meta: The Mystery of Rodney McKay: Why Do We Love a Character Who's Entirely Obnoxious?

The Mystery of Rodney McKay: Why Do We Love a Character Who's Entirely Obnoxious?
By [ profile] muskratjamboree panel moderators: [ profile] bluebrocade, [ profile] reginagiraffe, [ profile] kanzenhanzai, and [ profile] visionshadows.

Rodney Mckay is definitely not a traditional hero. He can be quite obnoxious, not to mention impatient, rude, arrogant, and condescending. So, why is the character so popular? Let's explore the mystery of Rodney McKay...

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